The success story of Mencarelli Catering Group began more than 40 years ago; by the time of the opening of the elegant Taverna del Lupo and Bosone Garden Restaurant, thousands for guests have been served with passion, five star service and fantasy.
Mencarelli Catering Group takes care of the smallest details just because they make a big difference between ordinary and a guest's lifetime experience: that is why we can say we are leader of the catering industry. Our qualified and friendly staff will makes your dreams come trough.
You can choose a large variety of fresh and sophisticated gourmet cuisine, and much more.

Why we are different:

  • exclusive locations
  • dedicated menu for you
  • mise en place
  • pastry making and cake design
  • live cooking
  • chocolatiére
  • old-fashioned cars
  • entertainment solutions

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Mencarelli Catering05
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Mencarelli Catering03
Mencarelli Catering02
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